NetLimiter Pro 4.1.13 Crack + Keygen Key Free Download [2022]

NetLimiter Pro 4.1.13 Crack  is an ultimate internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed for Windows. So, You can use NetLimiter to set download/upload transfer rate limits for applications or even single connection and monitor their internet traffic. Along with this unique feature, Netlimiter offers comprehensive set of internet statistical tools.

It includes real-time traffic measurement and long-term per-application internet traffic statistics. NetLimiter Enterprise 4.1.13 Full + Crack Latest is a free tool for monitoring network traffic. Users can control all changes on the local network or on the Internet. So, Allows you to manage and monitor all processes in the system, which receive and transmit data on the network.

NetLimiter Pro 4.1.11 Crack

NetLimiter Pro 4.1.13 Crack + (100% Working) License Key 2022

The program offers several interesting features and tools that allow you to manage inbound and outbound traffic on your computer. Applications that generate traffic. Another benefit of downloading NetLimiter NetLimiter Pro 4.1.13 is the filter and rule engine, which allows the user, in addition to setting limits, etc., to post announcements for any period of time. apply for your IP range and many more. The program provides the ability to remotely control and monitor other devices.

NetLimiter Pro 4.1.13 Keygen’s interface is clean, clear and neat. On my Core i7 7700HQ laptop, both the NetLimiter service and the client are fast and responsive without any lag or sluggishness. NetLimiter 4 Crack can monitor, manage, restrict and block network connections system-wide or individual programs. The NetLimiter 4 Control’s user interface (user interface) can be visually intimidating to those not very tech-savvy, but it’s actually very powerful. We can monitor the processes using the Internet connection and, if necessary, set restrictions on translations.

What is NetLimiter ?

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this process and helped us set it up now. The latest version also contains a number of improvements, including a refined firewall. So, It is the most essential tool for professionals and web designers. They can easily manage applications, networks and filters. So, They had no difficulty with filtering and networking. Its user interface is much simpler than yours.


  • NetLimiter loads the firewall client on a disconnect request.
  • Sometimes the connection hangs instead of the firewall prompt window.
  • So, When firewall is disabled, no firewall request is made.
  • Improved installer support for 64-bit systems.

Technical Information

  • Software:           NetLimiter Pro Crack
  • Current Version:  4.1.13
  • Category:           PC Tool
  • Supported OS:     All Windows version supporter

Best Key Features

  • Has a filtering mechanism.
  • This is a powerful connection blocker.
  • So, No need to restart the operating system.
  • Ability to limit the bandwidth of applications, connections and filters.
  • Firewall rules to allow or block inbound / outbound connections. The ability to ask the user what to do.
  • So, Monitoring applications, network connections and filters.
  • Firewall and boundary rule editor.
  • So, Filtering network traffic.
  • Allows blocking of input and output connections.
  • Suggests prohibiting the user from controlling the computer.
  • The NetLimiter client can connect to another computer that is running NetLimiter.
  • Long-term traffic statistics.
  • Priority rules for prioritizing selected traffic using a simple interface.
  • So, Allow or deny the user to monitor or control NetLimiter.
  • Real-time block diagram for the selected application, connection, or filter.
  • Ability to start / stop a rule at a specific time.
  • So, Programmatic access to NetLimiter features.
  • Supports IP protocol version 6.
  • Full control of Internet bandwidth across applications and computers
  • So, Powerful connection blocker
  • Long-term Internet traffic statistics
  • Fully customizable behavior using custom rules and filters
  • Yes more …
  • Ability to create download restrictions and downloads for network users
  • So, Ability to control the entire Internet connection and data transfer rate of each person
  • Scheduling by days of the week and 24 hours a day
  • The ability to categorize people in the network by IP
  • So, Assigning their access rights three groups: online, offline and secret
  • Bandwidth utilization
  • Capable of capturing reports as HTML files
  • Capable of enabling firewall
  • So, Calculating downloads and uploads in kilobytes
  • Complete control of network traffic
  • So,Strong powerful connection blocker
  • So, Long-term traffic statistics
  • Internet bandwidth
  • So, Customizable rules and filters tune
  • Unwanted traffic can be stopped
  • So, Extremely easy to use interface
  • Network connections and filters
  • So, Real-time traffic graphs and much more.
  • Ability to limit application bandwidth.

What’s New ?

  • Fixed date and week mismatch in schedule
  • So, Several new languages ​​added
  • Monitoring versions available (free subscription)
  • Various database statistics tools
  • Finally, insert modified data
  • So, Added Afrikaans, Slovenian, Indonesian and Japanese translations.
  • Moved the Streaming Graphics options to the main options menu.
  • So, Segments of the path with drive letters (“c: \ folder1folder2”) are not recognized by the functions of the “Path to offline application” filter.
  • A very high limit (above the maximum internet connection speed) slows down the connection slightly.
  • Multiple corrections in simplified Chinese translation.
  • NetLimiter client lock is triggered under certain circumstances.

How to Crack ?

  • Completely uninstall the previous version using IObit Uninstaller
  • Install the program as usual
  • Use this serial key to register your
  • Ready product.
  • Enjoy

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